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Dear Colleagues,

International Symposium of Mycobacteriology (IMS) will be held 28-30 November, 2019 at Mersin
University Faculty of Medicine, Türkan Saylan Conference Hall.

T. C. Ministry of Health, General Directorate of Public Health, Microbiology Reference Laboratories and Biological Products Department, Clinical Microbiology Specialist Association and Mersin University Medical Microbiology Department support the IMS.

Mersin is a deep blue Mediterranean city on the back of the Taurus Mountains and it is a port city that carries a long history of orange and lemon flowers. We will be honored to see you among us in the symposium which will be held in our sunny city even in autumn, which has an attractive spirit with its long coastline, natural beaches and mysterious bays.

Best regards,

On behalf of the Symposium Organizing Committee,

Professor Dr. Gönül Aslan

Symposium President and President of the TMS Mycobacteria Study Group